Monkey tree review-The key to learn English

Monkey tree review, The first tip: listen to China Radio International's English radio

China Radio International (China Radio International) every morning 7: 00-8: 00, 11:00 pm - 12:00 each have an hour of English programs. Including domestic and foreign news, clippings collection and various series of special reports. In addition to the English standard fluent domestic announcer as a radio, there are also recording visits to aliens or visitors on a topic. Content is broad, but the vocabulary is relatively simple, speed is also moderate, you can learn to train or enhance the English listening.

The second tip: make good use of tape training listening and speaking ability

Some learners are always accustomed to reading while listening to the tape, the tape as a reading aid, so that the purpose of hearing can not play. The tape should be based on listening and speaking. Learners to use their ability to adapt to the hearing tape, do not rush into, so as to avoid frustration. First listen to tape content, at first, just grab the outline, listen to a few times, the details of the understanding will be more and more. People with poor hearing can read the text first, and then concentrate on the meaning of each paragraph. This exercise helps to focus your attention while training, so that your hearing is advancing rapidly.

The third tip: to listen to the normal speed of English (VOA regular English news hearing VOA Standard English), in order to accelerate the progress of hearing

Many of the radio teaching and listening materials are always in order to meet the audience or the degree of learners and deliberately slow down the speed, although this is nothing wrong with the alternative, but also have some bad side effects. For example: 1. Accustomed to slow down the language of English, in the actual interaction with foreigners, it is difficult to adapt, or even do not understand their normal language speak English. 2. When deliberately slowing down, it is common to read out every word in a sentence, but there will be a lot of assimilation, reduction, liaision in normal conversations. Therefore, listening to normal English is very important for listening and conversation.

The fourth tip: learn English from TV and movies

Watching English TV, the film not only to understand the culture and life of Westerners, but also to learn authentic English and improve English listening opportunities. Select the best film is the modern life as the background of the art film or comedy. If your hearing is good, to develop the habit of not watching subtitles. The degree of a little worse do not force yourself, otherwise the English did not learn to destroy the good feelings of the film. In this case, you can first read the subtitles to understand the story (if it is a TV program that should first record), and then look again to a few times, your hearing can be relaxed in the mood, as you understand the story Increase and increase rapidly.

The fifth tip: and friends show the film plot

In English learning, we often talk with friends or classmates in English to improve their English conversation skills, but often feel that their language is poor, the content is limited. Now try this method: with the previous section of the "learn from the TV, movies," first according to the film plot excerpts one or more fragments, individuals selected a role, and then try to see after the film Lines transcribed into words and back down, and finally rehearsal performances. Often do this practice, not only for English conversation and hearing great benefit, but also for grammar and writing is also a good exercise.

The sixth tip: recite the English poem

Whether English is fluent depends on the correct grasp of rhythm. English is the rhythm of the word and the stress of the sentence. English poetry is one of the best materials to practice English rhythm. Such as Worsworth's famous "The Daffodils": "I wandered lonely as a cloud / That floats

On high o "er vales and hills ..." (I like a white cloud alone wandering, floating over the valley and mountains ... ...) is a typical weak rhythm. After reading cooked, loudly recited, must benefit greatly.

The seventh tip: singing to learn English (excellent concert hall, are nice English songs)

It is more effective than reading English poems. Singing English songs can help you practice pronunciation (pronunciation), intonation (intonation) and rhythm (rhythm), but also allows you in a very happy mood will be a lot of words and sentences, Selected English songs are best language, grammar formal. At first you can start from nursery rhymes, and then gradually learn to sing lyric songs. Learn to sing before reading the lyrics to read a few times and then follow the tape to sing, singing back to back better.

Eighth tips: special attention to the Chinese pronunciation is not

Some of the English pronunciation is not in Chinese, these are the most perplexed pronunciation of our English learners, such as "th" pronunciation, made this tone to pay special attention to the correct mouth.

The ninth tip: recite celebrity speech, looking for opportunities to recite it (American classic English speech 100)

Good speeches are not only for their beauty, but also with special emphasis on communication and persuasion. They are the best teaching materials for practicing English. Learners do not have to recite the speech from beginning to end, just choose your favorite paragraph or sentence to back. For example: President Kennedy 's famous quote "Ask not

What your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country. "(Do not ask your country what you can do for you and ask what you can do for your country.) After more, for the words, writing will have a lot of help.

Tenth tip: use English twist to overcome the shortcomings of pronunciation

Tongue twisters often put the easy to confuse or read the wrong tone together. But because they often appear in the form of songs or rhymes, so after reading cooked will feel jingle good. So the English tongue twister can be used as an auxiliary teaching material for practicing English pronunciation and conversation.

The eleventh tips: more remember some humorous jokes, ready to apply at any time

Love to listen to jokes is human nature, in social occasions at any time to insert a few jokes, you can make the atmosphere relaxed and lively, easier to win friendship. The use of English occasions, but also the use of jokes to eliminate their own speech uncomfortable, and enhance their confidence in the ability to speak English.




今年才成立Hahow團隊,平均年齡27歲,但是,長江的共同創始人和前CEO衛早些時候在一個學生的團隊成員說,也有語言,人才交流的平台,過去的經驗告訴他們實現純交換模型很容易出現供給和需求之間的不平衡,即“一個想改變,另一種是不一定要學”,從學生的情況,所以才萌生Hahow樣機,直接“自己選擇想學。 “






目前,6 Hahow之間採取老師:4的運行方式,有激勵的工作,只要老師在課程的作業,這將分享利潤的比例提高到7:今年3月在上行了,該平台擁有註冊會員2500 1400付費會員,除了對未來的課程的持續發展,還計劃加強反饋機制,讓學生想填補的過程中,評估後,再通過尋找團隊教師教學,增加課程的多樣性,今年最初將衝刺為目標100課程。




首先,所有英國學生傾向於選擇2年的GCSE課程。此外,還有另一種IGCSE當然,比GCSE略有不同。 IGCSE原本只在英國和設計之外的學生。然而,大多數英國寄宿學校的,現在會選擇IGCSE課程,因為它使學生的學習更具挑戰性。


科學的課程為“雙​​學分科學課程”的學習,你可以得到兩個GCSE學分;也可以作為一個“科學的三良”課程學習,學生可以達到3 GCSE學分。在雙重和三重信用積分學科學課程,學生學習這三種類型的科學知識。







採用標準的GCSE課程1年GCSE課程相比,它的內容減少了近一半。學生通常需要學習高效緊湊的6 GCSE課程(數學,科學,英語和其他學科三個學分)年內。主要課程為國際學生,所以在教學的過程中,學習英語會提供適當的輔導。









專題合作,可以幫助學生理解,讓​​學生把自己的專業知識領先,利益所需要的遊戲產業的專業功能,然後思考學習的目標和方向。 Top本也期望通過產生這樣的合作,深入的解釋工作的遊戲產業,遊戲產業,鼓勵學生誰是興趣可以勇敢夢想發揮優勢,以及整個社會的遊戲產業,形成良性循環和可持續發展的學習台灣遊戲產業的潛力。


崛起“對傳統媒體的廣播是相當大的挑戰學生提出了許多問題和需求,讓我發現,很多學生想了解實況,轉播,節目規劃,社區管理,以及更多觀眾互動,或者直接責任的劃分在了各種情況下的網站,以控制組,為了成功使程序流轉順暢這些細節實際上與傳統的電視傳播內容是一個不小的區別,甚至很多工作根本就沒有在傳統媒體,如OB,廣播系統工程等存在的,主要的單位或個人的直播能通過即時聊天互動,觀眾反應,生成的學校,學生和傳統的單向媒體這些新的職業和功能,它與主題的全新體驗。 “

以促進生產的課程策劃科學的合作提供了一些建議,並邀請眾多業內人士,如抽搐幸運,住主小葵等共襄盛舉,不藏私與學生分享實踐經驗。為了讓學生清楚地了解如何使用實時遊戲產業的平台和技術,打造出兼具運動和娛樂的電競賽。 Top本特意安排了一系列的課程,由淺到深,深入博彩業經營的廣播模式的描述,並帶領學生參觀Top本遊戲大廳來學習如何使用廣播系統。課程還允許學生完成規劃小組活動,學期結束將是現場直播在線仿真事件,審查,數據分析等活動,使學生接觸到真正到如何執行更為實際的方式大型電競賽,學生在絕對意義上是相當寶貴的經驗。